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Dan Selby

Owner and Guide

I grew up near the historic township of Windsor in Sydney’s North West. I caught my first fish, a juvenile Bream, at age 5. During school holidays and the occassional weekend I fished the upper tidal reaches of the Hawkesbury/ Nepean river for Mullet, Herring, Bass and Carp using freshly dug worms and hand made dough.

Catching my first fish on a lure at age 13 captivated my imagination and changed the way I fished for Bass at the ‘Local’. At age 19 I discovered the effectiveness of Soft Plastic lures. Praticing my skills and techniques on the Hawkesbury Bass, Bream, Flathead and Estuary Perch in the brackish reaches around Wisemans Ferry during my spare time between work commitments had me itching for more…

Kingfish and Mulloway were the answer, with their elusive behaviour and strong fighting ability once hooked, I just wanted more! Starting the business in 2010 took a lot of determination and effort as I had to overcome the many hurdles and processes involved with becoming a commercial skipper/fishing guide, which I’d describe as being definitely worth the bood, sweat and tears. I now have the best job and office in the world!

I endeavour to show clients an enjoyable day where they will learn the basics of knot tying, rigs, tides/times, sounder basics, tackle set ups, casting, lure retrieves and how to catch and ultilise live baits. My aim is to pass this knowledge on to my clients so they can walk away confident that they can use their new found skills and techniques to benefit their own fishing adventures.

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